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Certified instructors and owners of Pure Fitness Kate Gourley Glasscock and Brittney Hernandez have created an inviting space for the people of this community to use on their health and fitness journey. 

Kate began her wellness journey in this very gym in 2007, when the space was known as Fit for Life. Never having worked out, Kate admits it was difficult to walk into a gym for the first time. Soon after, she fell in love with fitness and enjoys helping people overcome their own fears of working out. She began personal training at Fit for Life in 2009.

Brittney started her path to wellness in 2010. After two children and weight gain, Brittney realized she must better her health for herself and her children. She began by walking and slowly started attending different exercise classes. In two years, she lost ninety pounds. She earned her fitness certification in 2013 and trained out of her home for two years. 

In July of 2015, Brittney and Kate partnered to continue serving their growing client base. They enjoy helping others achieve personal fitness goals, and their mission is to promote stronger, healthier, more confident clients and friends. 

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